'When Baker Botts approached me last November, I was immediately intrigued by the opportunity to help in building a new office and to work in a first class global anti-trust team.'

-- Georg Berrisch



Dr. Georg M. Berrisch, a German Rechtsanwalt, is recognized as one of the most experienced and effective litigators before the Court of Justice and the General Court of the EU.












Exploring New Challenges Prompts Move to Baker Botts

Editor's Note: This is one in a series of Q&As with Baker Botts partners on the 1st anniversary of the opening of the firm's Brussels office.



Some would contend that your moving to Baker Botts at this point in your career is a tad bit risky. Why the move now, and what do you expect to happen that will support your making this move now?


GB: I was at a stage in my career where I was looking for a new challenge. When Baker Botts approached me last November, I was immediately intrigued by the opportunity to help in building a new office and to work in a first class global anti-trust team. I am quite confident that Baker Botts’ client base, its global reach, and its dynamic, entrepreneurial and collegiate culture will provide me with an excellent platform to grow my competition, litigation and trade practices.



Competition for clients is fairly fierce, particularly in the EU. How do you plan to continue to address this challenge now working from the Baker Botts office in Brussels? 


GB: Competition in Brussels is indeed fierce, but Catriona, Paul and I are all well known and recognized in the market and each of us brings different skills to the table. So I believe we do have a very strong offering. I am also expecting new opportunities coming from working closely with the U.S. anti-trust practice, and on the trade side, from Baker Botts’ offices in the Middle East and Moscow.



How do you see competition law changing from the past 5 to 10 years? Will it continue to evolve, and if so in what way -- will it become even more global in nature?


CH: I think we may see both a globalization and a localization of competition law. Globalization, because more countries will apply competition law, and because more cases will have a global dimension. Also, many of these new jurisdictions look to the EU or the U.S. practices for guidance, which provides new opportunities for Baker Botts because of its strong offering in Washington and Brussels. In the EU, I also expect to see further localization because the EU Commission will continue to focus on the big issue cases leaving the rest to the Member States.  In addition, I think we may see more private enforcement of competition law, which -- by definition -- takes place in local courts.


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